About Me

Growing up, my father would always take me fishing in the woodlands of Pennsylvania with him. While he was busy catching trout, I would be scouring the creekside and digging my hands into the mud. Every little rock and pebble was fascinating to me: each one a treasure to be cherished. I would run up to him excitedly (scaring away all of the trout), and say, "Look! You won't believe what I found!" I would proudly hold up my muddy handful of little creek pebbles like it was a pile of diamonds. "No way! I can't believe you found these," he would proclaim. We would sort through my little pile of rocks and pick our favorites. Years later, after my father passed away, I found a small wooden box in his room. It was full of every special stone we collected from our fishing trips.
My passion for stones and crystals has been lifelong. In 2014, after spending years doing illustration and graphic design work, I decided I needed to make a change for something that allowed me more hands on creativity. I quit my job and started making jewelry full time, and I haven't looked back. I love creating unique jewelry that showcases the beauty of the stone and the person who wears them. When I'm not in the studio making jewelry, you can still find me at a creek or a beach, picking up every little treasure I find along the way. -Mollie